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Monday, November 17, 2008

Pencils and Photostats

So it's been a while since i posted anything - life keeping me busy and all that.

I got this work back a little while ago. I haven't seen it in about a year. Originally, i can't say that i was a fan of it, but now that a bit of time has passed, it seems to have grown on me.

It's simple, but effective - i think. And it's all done by hand: pencil, photostats and glue.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lectcha Sketch 12 and 13!

Here are two new comics for your perusal.

I once said that i wouldn't be posting my Lectcha Sketch comics here as they were mostly rush-jobs, done more for my own fun than to impress anyone. However, I've started taking a bit more time with my later strips and i think that they are finally getting to a level where i can feel ok posting them on Poorboy.

They're a little off-sides, but that's the point. Enjoy.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Garbie Storyboard

This here is an attempt to campaign my earlier Garbie ads into an animated TV commercial.

I think it's pretty cool.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Freedom of Expression

I did this work to promote freedom of expression (duh...) as well as to attack the censoring of our media.

There's always been a bit of whoo-hah with regards to the freedom of the South African press, as well as ohther news madia. With our nation's main broadcaster, the SABC, having extremely strong political affiliations - the board was hand picked by our ever absent president himself, if you can believe that - the chances of a free and fair media in our country are virtually nil.

Case in point: at the recent ANC party elections in Polokwane (our ruling governmental party, for those who don't know), the only other broadcaster in our country - the independent E-TV - was banned from entering. Is it any wonder that virtually everyone I know prefers the E-TV news above it's dubious counterpart?

Anyway, this came with a poster - which was photographic, mostly - which you can see a small pic of only my These Creases blog, and a T-shirt. Oh, and it was drawn with the FXI (Freedom of Expression Institute) in mind.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Marker Rendering

Done with pen and Copics marker. Yo.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Garbie: bio-degradable garbage bags

So photoshop is the greatest digital arts/image software ever invented, right? I mean, there's nothing you cant do with the thing. As far as I know, the whole of the first Toy Story movie was made using the thing (I freely admit that my imagination may have made that up based on some single kernel of info, but I couldn't be bothered to check).

Riddle me this then: Why, when now even the common man (with at least R3000 in his pocket) has access to some of the best image software ever, do the everyday printing facilities of the world seem to still struggle pirinting something as simple as a gradient? Easily one of the most useful and versatile and simple tools available on any imaging software and there isn't a single place in Cape Town that can manage a decent gradient for less than R40 a page. There's gotta be some secret spot that has so far alluded me because everyday I see a multitude of prints in a cacophony of colours gleaming happily at me from walls and between the pages of various publications and yet I can't seem to get a print where my beautiful green gradient doesn't turn vomit yellow at some crucial point.

I watched a documentary last night in which a woman believed that she was suffering bad karma from a past life. Makes me think...

Turned out okay in the end though. Printed and done (severeal times over).

Just in case you some how missed it, this was a campaign (mock again) for Garbie bio-degradable garbage bags. I didn't initially intend for it to turn into an illustrated work, but when I settled on the final idea it seemed to make the most sense. I considered the potential obstacles involved when trying to art-direct two sea turtles and thought better of it.

A big-up to Gary Larson, who's influence was pointed out to me and which is undeniable, even if I didn't realise it myself at first.